Industrial and Agricultural

AE Power Solutions offers custom solar systems designed to meet the needs of every farmer and industrial business. Increasing energy rates and power outages makes the need to switch to a solar system extremely important, and we are here to provide you with a custom system that will suit your needs. An expertly installed solar system is one of the most high-return, life changing investments you can make for all your agricultural or industrial needs.

We offer affordable solar systems along with the highest quality solar products in the industry. Introducing the AE motor control range. From 0.3KW to 280KW motors on solar, AC or both. Control motors, set pressures and flow with an advanced reporting system directly on your smartphone or computer.


The benefits of using AE Power solutions are the fact that our dedicated team of professionals have designed a unit that has very powerful features and that sets us apart from our competitors. When solar is available the electrical motor is supplied from PV power, when the PV power gradually falls away the motor control will start to gradually use some grid power until it is necessary to move to full grid if the PV falls away. Same will happen when PV power gradually return. Our system is also designed to take away the spike from any 3 phase motor startups. The installed panel will make sure to use solar when available instead of grid power. It will maintain set pressures and flow control as well as give you live information on motor actions. The user can set different security levels as well as compile a detailed report

Smartphone App

The smartphone app monitors your system 24 hours a day and gives you advanced reporting and readings on voltage, current, frequency, power consumption, run hours and more. It also gives alerts via SMS or email on errors and faults, notifications, and power status updates. You can monitor all your devices on multiple sites around the world with our easy-to-use server management system

Give us a call today and we will come to you with a demonstration unit free of charge. We can design a system that is specific to your needs. Start today, solar is by far the best investment you can make to supply your farm or industrial electricity needs with 100% clean, renewable energy to power ALL of your electrical needs.