Home and Business

AE Power Solutions offers custom solar systems designed to meet the needs of every home and business owner. Increasing energy rates and power outages makes the need to switch to a solar system extremely important, and we are here to provide you with a custom system that will suit your needs. An expertly installed solar system is one of the most high-return, life changing investments you can make. We offer affordable solar systems along with the highest quality solar products in the industry

If your goal is

  • to have uninterrupted safe electricity during outages, We will supply and install an inverter and batteries according to your needs to take you through the periods of load shedding
  • To have uninterrupted safe electricity during outages and save electricity bills, we will supply and install you with inverters, solar and batteries. Inverter will use solar power when the sun is shining and will gradually start to use battery power as the sun sets. If you don’t want to use batteries the system will use all the available solar power and gradually move to grid power as the sun sets. The opposite will occur during sun rise.
  • To be completely independent and off the grid. We will supply and install an inverter, solar panels and batteries big enough for your demand. Generator sets can be integrated to our systems
  • One can start with a small system and over time, by adding more components one can have a total off grid system. This is cost effective because all components can be added on and expanded without having to replace the existing system

Smartphone App

The smartphone app monitors your system 24 hours a day and gives you advanced reporting and readings on voltage, current, frequency, power consumption, run hours and more. It also gives alerts via SMS or email on errors and faults, notifications, and power status updates. You can monitor all your devices on multiple sites around the world with our easy-to-use server management system

You will be worry-free, knowing that you have backup power with your solar system anytime during the day or night. We can design a system that is specific to your needs, start small according to your budget and build on your system without having to replace anything. Start today, solar is by far the best investment you can make to supply your home or business with 100% clean, renewable energy to power ALL of your electrical needs.